Happy Holidays from Salida, Colorado.
Here's what Teresa and Andrew have been up to in 2009:

Another year in Paradise! We have found more to love here in Salida, even with a failing economy. This is truly a wonderful Community in every respect and we meet more wonderful people every day.

We took a weekend "Hut trip" to a Tenth Mountain Division hut in March. We snow shoed in several miles and had a couple of fun days away from it all with some great folks.

Andrew started up a computer business here called Salida Tech. They have joined the local Chamber of Commerce and are very busy!  He is still contracting a bit with his old Atlanta employer, Nexidia.  Teresa's freelance drafting slowed with the economy so she was forced to resign from the part time position at KHEN Community radio station and she's now in a full time position as "Chief Operations Officer" at Pak Mail.

This summer we participated again in our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. The Javernick Family Farm, supplied us this year with an over-abundance of fresh organic veggies and we've ordered a portion of a grass fed cow for the winter.  We learned about all kinds of new vegetables and found out we LOVE sunchokes (aka, Jerusalem artichokes) and the bizarre looking kohlrabi.

We had lots of visitors to Salida this summer.  Two of Teresa's sisters from Florida, Sue Carew from Jacksonville and Dianne Piercy from Ft. Myers, came thru in June for some FIBArk celebrations.  We showed them some of our favorite places, including one of Colorado's best preserved ghost town, St Elmo.  Our Atlanta friends, Gautam Bhan and Donna Guest came for a few days in July and loved Colorado so much they recently bought a house in Lyons, near Denver!  Andrew's parents, Ellen & Jack came to Salida for a brief visit in August.  Family friend,  Kathy Sax from Indianapolis, came to visit in September and summited Mt Huron, a fourteener, with Andrew (a "Fourteener" is a mountain fourteen thousand feet high).  Our friends from Birmingham, Anita and Phil Castle, came for a visit in September. We took them on a whirlwind tour of central Colorado! We showed them Salida (of course!), Aspen, Vail, Cordillera (where Andrew's parent's have a second home), we took them to the top of Independence Pass and Cottonwood Pass. On the drive back to Denver, we got caught in an early season snowstorm that caused them to almost miss their flight! They had an opportunity to see lots of what Colorado has to offer.  We've been doing a bit of hiking around the area and Andrew has been exploring lots of trails with friend Mark Wiard, who has lived in the area for many years.

We also found a little time to take a vacation of our own in September to Wyoming and South Dakota. We saw the Devil's Tower, the famous Wall Drug (made famous for advertising free ice water during the depression) Badlands National Park, Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial. We did a short hike at Cathedral Spires in the Black Hills and saw wild boxwork formations at Wind Cave. We drove through Custer State Park during a buffalo round up and rode a tandem bicycle 45 miles (ouch!) on the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota.

We didn't make our usual trip to Florida to visit the Piercy family nor did we get to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with the Koransky family. Instead, in October, we headed to Atlanta for... 
the wedding of Todd Koransky and Meghan Huntley!!
We gathered at Chateau Elan and enjoyed lots of love, family and frenzied festivities! Mozel Tov!

We've had a little snow here in Salida, but there's more in the mountains and ski season is around the corner. Our Holiday plans this year will be to stay home and enjoy our life in Paradise!

May the Universe smile on all of you with Peace and Happiness!
Teresa, Andrew, and Simon

What a long strange trip it's been...
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