Personal Thoughts

on aboriginal/spiritual teachings

I am keeping this page to keep track of some of my thoughts on the teachings I have received from Tom Brown and other aboriginal/spiritual teachings. It helps me keep my thoughts straight. A diary of sorts if you will.

January 27, 1997: Posted on the tracker e-mail list in response to the question: Why are you guys trying to "beat" your logical mind into submission?

You bring up a good point. The logical mind, as Tom might say, is both at once your greatest enemy and your greatest ally. Have you ever read the story of the demon and the hair? Not doing the story justice, I'll try to quickly summarize...


A long time ago... a man captured a wizard and made him grant a wish. He wished a for a demon that would do as he asked. The wizard said that the man would have to keep the demon busy or it would grow and consume him. The man said "no problem!" and the wizard vanished. Then the demon appeared, about the size of a football. The man tried to keep the demon busy with tasks. He asked the demon to clean up his house. A minute later the demon returned and said "it is done" and grew to the size of the man. He asked the demon to prepare a feast for his friends. The demon returned a few seconds later and said "it is done" and grew to the size of grizzly bear. He asked the demon to build a new house on the mountain. The demon returned a second later and said "it is done" and grew to the size of his living room. As the tasks got more elaborate the demon simply returned sooner and said "it is done" and each time he returned he got larger and larger. The man went running out of his house, managed to outsmart the demon and finally came upon a wise man and told him of his predicament. The wise man said, "Give the demon this hair." and he handed the man a piece of curly hair. "Ask him to straighten it." The wise man disappeared and the demon appeared, larger and more fierce than ever. "What is your bidding?" The man cringed and handed him the hair and asked him to straighten it. The demon laughed. But as the demon found out, he couldn't straighten it. As he tried, he got smaller and smaller. Any time the man wanted the demon to do something, he asked for the hair back and asked the demon to do what he wanted. Then he handed the hair back to the demon. He lived happily ever after. :)


When going into a meditation, you need to give your logical mind (demon) a hair. You need to give it something simple, but something which will keep it busy and allow the spiritual mind to shine through. It is your logical mind that generates this hair and it is your logical mind which allows you to concentrate on it. So your logical mind allows you to experience the spirit through the hair. In this respect, it is your ally. But your logical mind, when it realizes what is going on, will fight for control again and will attempt to consume the spiritual part of the mind. It will attempt to yank you out of a meditation. In this respect, and it is your enemy (demon). As a result of our current society, we have trained and cultivated our logical mind from birth. It has consumed our spiritual mind just as the demon nearly consumed the man.

As you will find in your meditations, the logical mind can be one helluva demon. Had we been raised to to cultivate the spiritual mind as well as the physical mind, we might not look at the logical mind as such a demon. But the logical mind has overtaken us. That is why you see all the posts here trashing the logical mind. The logical mind is still important. It provides you with reason. For example, if you are cold, your mind reasons "I need shelter/fire." Your logical mind provides this reasoning. It is most definitely a gift! You simply have to quiet the logical mind to let the spiritual mind shine through. When you live the duality, you live with both minds working together in harmony.

I hope this helps.


January 27, 1997: E-mail sent in response to a reply to above message:

I think we only have one mind and occupy two bodies, one spiritual, one physical.

Hmmm... If you are saying what I think you are saying, I think we are of differing opinions here. However, I agree with you in that we only have one mind, but I believe there are differing aspects of the mind. When I refer to the spiritual mind, I am referring to the spiritual aspect of the single mind. I believe you certainly can fuse the world of spirit with the physical world. I don't believe we have two bodies, but again.. I just think we differ in opinion on this.

I don't beleive we have a spiritual mind. By turning off the physical mind, we are allowing undue influence from spirits.

I'm curious... how do you explain dreams? I believe that when you dream, you are putting the physical mind to rest and allowing dreams to flow. Does this mean that I am allowing spirits undue influence on our minds? I don't feel that this is true. When I dream, I am there and I am acting as I might if I were there physically. Even in the world of spirit, you are in control of your spirit... both in a logical/reasoning sense and spiritual sense. I'll try to explain further below.

Turning off one's mind is not what the Great Spirit planned for us. Our task is to improve our minds and increase our self-control.

I totally 100 % agree with you here.

The Great Spirit certainly did not want us to turn off our physical mind/body. You NEED your physical mind in a spiritual journey! I was oversimplifying I guess. There are certain "demons" that you want to "turn off" such as the demon of distraction, by giving it a hair. However, Tom nor I would ever tell you to completely turn off your physical mind. As I mentioned above, I think it is impossible to turn off your physical mind just as it would be impossible to turn off your spiritual mind. They are both there all the time, but like the demon and the hair, the physical mind has taken over in 99% of all people in civilized society.

Say you go into a meditation and go on a spirit journey. You will need your mind to reason with the spirits and to act as you would want to had you been there physically. Just as you need your mind in a city street, you will also need your mind in the world of spirit because many spirits are evil (according to Tom... I haven't experienced spiritual encounters by spirits from "the other side"). Tom says that it is not like a trip up to heaven. You can get brainwashed by a spirit just as you can get brainwashed by a physical person like Tom. You'll need your physical mind to reason it out, but you'll also need your inner vision to tell you if it "feels" like the right thing to do. Again, bringing the spiritual body/mind into it, you have to trust your inner vision (instinct)... which isn't easy! Tom said it took him 25 years to unconditionally trust his inner vision.


January 31, 1997: E-mail sent in response to a message from a friend:

>while i was reading it [The Quest by Tom Brown Jr.]
>I kept thinking of how these truths can be
>applied in my life. In the first chapter the prophecy, the four visions
>of prophecy that Stalking Wolf had, parallel the prophecies in Revelation
>about the end of the world. In christianity we look at most
>spiritualistic stuff as being of the devil, but I feel that what tom
>talks about is things that the creator has given us and we have, in
>society, lost track of them.

You are absolutely right. I am surprised you picked this up on your first read. The spiritualistic stuff, just like the physical stuff, must be practiced. Meditation is a skill that must be practiced, just like the bow drill. Unfortunately, in society, we have pushed our physical skills to the max while ignoring the spiritual. The spiritual part of us is there, just unconciously suppressed. As Tom put it, "It is our birthright!" We need techniques like meditation to calm our physical mind and to bring our spiritual mind to the forefront. It isn't an easy task!

>Now days when we really don't even know the
>creator we juge things saying its not good and we have know basis for
>this assumption.

One of the problems is that some preachers read passages out of the bible and get all hyped up about them. But few of them look at the big picture. IE What type of person was Jesus? They get bogged down with details, IE "In Matthew ?:??, jesus said '...' and what this means is ..." In getting bogged down in the details, we lose the entire meaning of the bible. In doing all of this, we end up redefining our religions from what they originally were. Our religions have become the text. Our religions have become the ceremonies and songs. We have forgotten the basics like PRAYING to god, thanking him for each day! We have forgotten how to listen to god, and how to be spiritual. I am conviced that religions in ancient times, during and before the times of the bible, were very spiritual.

The thing that appeals most to me about Tom's teachings is that *most* of what he preaches are *common* thruths, found in ALL religions. These common truths are:

1. belief/faith in the creator (God)
2. meditation
3. envisioning (IE moses and the burning bush)
4. inner vision (IE inner voice)

I consider the following a truth as well:

5. hairs (places of worship, ceremonies, distractions for the physical mind so the spiritual mind can shine through)

I am Jewish by tradition. One thing that we sing with much pride in our synagogue is the prayer called the "shama" which says "Hear, O' Israel, The Lord Our God, The Lord is One!" Basically, it helps make us feel special because it differentiates us from the Christians. I guess we sing it to give us a sense of belonging to something special. Garbage! We are all special, and if you concentrate on the common truths, all religions meld into one. We all pray to the same God. It really annoys the crap out of me. Why do we try to be different like that?

Anyhow, I am glad you found the Quest and I am glad you were able to apply it to your belief system and religious upbringing. The fact is, we were BORN with spiritual qualities. We have LOST how to get in touch with that part of our mind. It only comes out now and then in little sparks of inner vision and dreams. Society doesn't like spirituality because it doesn't make sense. There is no scientific proof! Actually, scientific proof is on its way! There is a good bit of research going on. They have special cameras that can pick up spiritual halos of objects. They have special machines that they can hook up to people who are "spiritual" and they show that they are using much more of their brain (80 % of their brain) than the average person (who uses 10 % of their brain)

There is a chapter in one of Tom's books named "Jesus". You will probably find it most interesting. Jesus, according to Grandfather, was a man of the wilderness. He basically did a 40 day vision quest! I think it is either in The Vision, The Quest, or The Journey.

> Today there was enough trash thrown away to fill the superdom
>twice and tomorrow will be the same. If we don't follow what Tom says
>and teach others we will die.

The prophesy is very scary stuff. To make things a little more scarry, Tom has said, in addition to grandfather's prophesy's, that Grandfather had given him something like 110 signs (mini prophesies) to look for. He said that after the 100th sign, we would have 7-10 years before the red skies. According to folks who just got back from his classes, we are on the 99th sign. He also said that we pretty much are beyond the point of no return. The red skies are coming. The only thing we can do now is teach to those who will listen. He said that many earth changes would occur over the next 7-10 years before the red skies. Pretty scary stuff, eh?


February 25, 1997: In response to an e-mail from the internet.

Very intriguing. The skeptical part of my mind wants to know if Tom Brown is credible. The other part of my mind says 'Wow, this is certainly clear and true and credible'. Did you wrestle with this ever?

For the most part, I believe Tom is credible. Every now and then, he'll exaggerate to make you want to work harder.

Does my mind have trouble dealing with the philosophy/spirituality he teaches? Heh... All the time. As a matter of fact, EVERY time that I go into a sacred silence meditation, I have to deal with this "demon". It is always there, telling me that what I am attempting to do is impossible. It always will be there until I can build my belief up. But whenever I can quiet this demon, amazing things happen! The physical/logical part of my mind always will question these skills because they don't make logical sense, but the reality is that they do exist but can't be understood by your logical mind. I think that you cannot believe, on a deep level, the spiritual skills that Tom teaches until you have experienced one of these miracles. Unfortunately, you need to go in with a belief that these miracles are possible. The belief won't be strong until you have experienced one of these "miracles". After that, your belief will increase each time you do the meditation.


March 7, 1997: In response to an e-mail from the tracker e-mail list.

1. I can't help thinking that even a so-called evil spirit might just be the spiritual equivalent of a grizzly bear -- not inherently evil, but definitely not something to be trifled with.

Hmmm... I am struggling with this view point as well. But so far, my beliefs go something like this... Just as there are good spirits that you may run into in your travels (in spirit or flesh) I believe there are evil spirits as well. This is akin to real life where you'll meet up with good and evil face to face. Tom seemed to emphasize that the spirit world is a VERY evil place, lots more evil than good, but because evil works against itself and because good spirits have each other, good can prevail. He spoke of some weird things in our philosophy class... such as evil spirits possessing folks and such. He said you should never enter the world of spirit without purpose (IE, for those of you who have read awakening spirits, you MUST have purpose if you journey beyond your medicine place, through the veil, into the world of spirit!)

Taking it from an objective/logical standpoint, I have a hard time believing there is such a definite line between evil and good as Tom may suggest (I'd appreciate other folks input here). I believe that the world of spirit is just like the world of flesh in that there is good, evil, and everything in between. You simply need to follow your inner vision to tell you what your path should be. Your inner vision is always benevolent. I believe it is how God communicates his wish for you.

An interesting book that I'm currently reading... "Conversations with God: an uncommon dialogue" by Neale Donald Walsch. I'd be curious to hear from others who have read this and what they think of it.

2. I take it as a plain fact that we are always operating simultaneously in spiritual and physical realms. As I go about in the world, I encounter physical and spiritual "objects." The physical object could be a car running a red light as I'm trying to cross the street. The spiritual object could be the driver's inattentiveness or other state of mind. If I can be aware of either the driver's inattentiveness or the speed and trajectory of his vehicle, I'm in the clear. If my mind has been quiet, I might even get an early warning of the situation through my intuition.

Yeah, isn't that weird? I think there are a couple of ways you can catch a situation like this... a feeling similar to deja-vu, like you know what is going to happen before it happens. This happened to me a couple of times during Philosophy 1 where I knew what Tom was going to say before he said it. The second way this would be communicated to you would be through inner vision. The third way this might be communicated to you would be through awareness... basically being in the "force" or alpha awareness, sensing all spirits and co-centric rings around you.

3. To be able to get an early warning that my body has been invaded by disease, I need to be attentive to my body and know what my base level of good physical health feels like.

Have you ever fought of an illness like that? mentally? What a neat feeling! You simply plant a firm belief that it WILL be done and it is done. I can do that with fevers or severe colds, but I have a hard time catching the small things.

To be able to get an early warning that my mind has been invaded by an "evil spirit," I need to be aware of my thoughts and know what my base level of good mental health feels like.

I would say you need to be aware of not only your mental health, but the spiritual part of your being.

4. I spent much of my life taking physical and mental states for granted, with no thought of there being a base level where physical and mental "poise" or health were "perfect" (subjectively speaking). Going about like that, I would fall under influences right and left, being mostly mystified, and helpless to take stock of my situation and learn something from it.

I don't think you are any different than most of us. The goal of Tom's philosophy/awareness classes are to awaken your awareness, both spiritual and physical. But inner vision, when/if you can hear it, will tell you when something is evil or good.

5. If you become aware of an evil spirit exerting influence on you, it instantly transforms into a "coyote" spirit. You're still in whatever jam the spirit got you in, but now you at least know you've been knocked off your base level and now have the means to get back on it. The coyote spirit can be a tough, pitiless teacher who will nevertheless share a hearty laugh with you if you can summon the laugh within yourself.

I think you are correct, but don't know if a truly "evil" spirit would join you in your "laugh". As grandfather said "Evil can be a teacher if you look at the wisdom of its negative power."

Tom seems to say that there is some awfully evil stuff out there that takes great pleasure in torturing you. The spirit world is not a pretty place. You have to be a warrior and never enter without purpose, inner vision direction being the strongest purpose.

OK, well, that should do it for starters. I hope there's some interest in this subject because it's pretty dear to my heart. I'd like to know how others experience spirits, and how or if you are proactive (instead of just reactive) in responding to these experiences. I know it's a hellaciously personal matter, too, and that sharing personal experiences in front of 893 people, mostly strangers (some of whom think you're some kind of nut), isn't easy. Maybe it's not even advisable. I don't know. I'm just out here tracking, as usual.

I certainly love talking about this subject and it is very dear to my heart as well. There's a good chance that these 893 folks read these "weird" books of Tom's and they KNOW there is something more to life that what we are living. What I have read in this group has certainly helped me and I hope what we have written now is helping others. It is an awesome resource. My only fear would be that words are a bad description for this kind of thing. Experience is the best teacher here.

PS Personally, I think that folks, that don't believe there is greater power than themselves, are the "nuts" as you might say.


August 22, 1997: In response to an e-mail from the internet.

At 11:25 PM 8/21/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Andrew Koransky wrote:
>> Hello all...
>> Had to jump in on this one...
>> I love to hear how folks of various religions have taken spiritual
>> teachings and integrated them into their lives or their religion... I
>> think this list is the perfect place for such discussion as this type of
>> discussion has been banned on the primitive skills list. I think this type
>> of discussion definite has a place in the tracker philosophy. However, I
>> don't like reading religious propaganda or things that have no base in some
>> part of spiritual reality.
> I love the discussion too, on religious beliefs, for it reveals one's
>heart. And it gives opportunity to discuss truth: just what is truth?
>You'll find many answers on this list. I prefer God's answers in His
> Religious propaganda, spiritual reality? Define your terms. I'm a
>fundamentalist Christian, would that fit your parameters of a religious
>propagandist or one who practices spiritual unreality? Does truth hurt
>that much that you prefer to stay in the dark?
> "This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved
>darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who
>does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear
>that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes
>into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has
>been done through God." Jesus Christ, in John 3:19-21.
> May God be with you Andrew,
> name withheld

Thank you... I enjoy this type of discussion immensely. I'll try to expand on what I believe. I know we will probably differ on some viewpoints, but I hope you will respect my opinion, even if you believe in your heart that what I say is BS.

- What is a spiritual truth?

I think a "spiritual truth" is a common thread that binds all religions. Grandfather believed in a couple of spiritual truths:

1) Faith in the creator
2) Meditation (prayers, songs, relaxation techniques, etc...)
3) Inner vision (communication with God)
4) Visualization

When you break down ALL benevolent religions to their barest spiritual essentials, you usually get to these four basic truths.

The things you have that make religions different are called hairs... here is a story that describes what a hair is:

A long time ago... a man captured a wizard and made him grant a wish. He wished a for a demon that would do as he asked. The wizard said that the man would have to keep the demon busy or it would grow and consume him. The man said "no problem!" and the wizard vanished. Then the demon appeared, about the size of a football. The man tried to keep the demon busy with tasks. He asked the demon to clean up his house. A minute later the demon returned and said "it is done" and grew to the size of the man. He asked the demon to prepare a feast for his friends. The demon returned a few seconds later and said "it is done" and grew to the size of grizzly bear. He asked the demon to build a new house on the mountain. The demon returned a second later and said "it is done" and grew to the size of his living room. As the tasks got more elaborate the demon simply returned sooner and said "it is done" and each time he returned he got larger and larger. The man went running out of his house, managed to outsmart the demon and finally came upon a wise man and told him of his predicament. The wise man said, "Give the demon this hair." and he handed the man a piece of curly hair. "Ask him to straighten it." The wise man disappeared and the demon appeared, larger and more fierce than ever. "What is your bidding?" The man cringed and handed him the hair and asked him to straighten it. The demon laughed. But as the demon found out, he couldn't straighten it. As he tried, he got smaller and smaller. Any time the man wanted the demon to do something, he asked for the hair back and asked the demon to do what he wanted. Then he handed the hair back to the demon. He lived happily ever after. :)

The hair is a tool that can be used to calm the logical part of your mind (daemon) to allow the more spiritual part of your mind to shine through. Hairs include prayers, songs, visualization, and religious edifices. Hairs can help increase faith and improve inner vision. A true master will transcend all hairs as Jesus (or Buddha or Moses, etc...) was able to do. Grandfather tried to keep the hairs as simple as possible so that they could be transcended quickly. The quick breath-to-heart (a gentle breath) is all that is needed to calk the logical part of mind after you have done a couple of long-form meditations. You implant a trigger.

- What is spiritual reality?

Through the vehicles listed above, with the assistance of hairs, you can approach the spiritual reality. I feel that the spiritual reality is the same for ALL people from ALL religious backgrounds. It is very real for everyone who has been there and it is the same for everyone who has been there. Hence, that is why I call it a spiritual reality. I couldn't tell you for sure, just from the various things I have read from the "masters" of spirituality.

- What is spiritual unreality/religious propaganda?

The hairs. The rules of the religion. The attempt to concentrate on religious differences instead of on LOVE. "You MUST do things our way." Has a spiritual master ever done this? No... people came to Jesus because the sensed god in him... they sensed God's love in him. He did not attempt to convert those who did not want to listen.

- What about god?

I believe that EVERYTHING is god and that God's message is displayed in anything that is love.

Here is probably the most blasphemous think I'll say... then I'll shut up. :) I believe that when Jesus said "I am the son of god" what he really meant was "I am the son of god just as you are the son of god... look at what you can do with the love of God... with faith in god." Faith is the most powerful force in the universe.

This is why I get upset sometimes when people argue about religious differences. Why not simply praise God for the life we are living? Why not simply try to live with love in your heart for life... for your fellow man?

Just to play devil's advocate, there is a book out there... I don't know the exact name, but it is something like the "dark side of the bible". It talks about how the bible was changed from it's original text... how things were removed and added and how people changes meanings here or there. I have a hard time believing that the bible is the direct word of god. There are plenty of things that are not of love in the bible and I do not believe in a god that does not love.

An AWESOME book to read, even if you read it with an extremely critical eye, is Conversations With God by Neal Donald Walsch. Very interesting... the more I read about spiritual stuff, the more I see how common and real the spiritual truths are. I should also mention that I have EXPERIENCED each of the truths at some level. I have fought of a cold with belief. I have achieved incredible results by meditating with visualization. I have experienced miracles with inner vision. To me these things are very real.

Anyhow, enough babbling... just wanted to explain what I believe. I'm sure, as a fundamental Christian, you will disagree with a lot of this... will you still respect your fellow man?


November 25, 1997: In response to the response from the e-mail above.


sorry about the delay... been busy. Thanks for your thoughts.. I enjoyed reading them. Again, please don't take this as a personal attack. Even if we disagree, I'll always respect you and your choices. We can try to talk each other into the other's point of view until we are blue in the face, but eventually, we'll probably come to a simple disagreement of opinion, where further arguing will do no good. So here goes...

>(most of the shamans
>from around the world describe their world as a type of hell). His tribe
>depended on him all the time when people got sick. Sometimes the magic
>worked, sometimes loved ones died in his arms. He consulted many forest
>spirits(and we both believe these spirits to be real & powerful) which
>constantly urged him to raid other villages and kill men and steal

Heh... First of all, to be a shaman IS somewhat of a hell! I consider Jesus an awesome shaman, possibly the greatest shaman this world has ever seen! But Jesus was crucified, convicted, constantly pestered by those in positions of power. Many shamans follow the same fate. Now Jesus perceived his situation differently (constantly displaying LOVE), but that is what separates a true shaman, one consumed with the love of god, from people like this Auca "shaman". He may have been named a "shaman", but he sure sounds far from love of god. Killing people is not ANYONE's highest (loving) thought. I agree that the spiritual realm is a dangerous place, a place where discernment is necessary. But if you hold on to love and your most loving thought, and if you follow your vision (god's command) you are well protected in spirit. It is good to see the Auca shaman come to the "light" of god via Christianity. But Christianity is but one way.

In my humble opinion, to see the bible as God's only way of communicating to man via word is short sighted. The bible is amazing, a miracle, but it is not through and through the "Word of god". Hundreds of historical references would prove otherwise. Some are ancient original writings (excluded from the bible), some are memos made by people who were involved in the process of modifying the bible, and some are recent findings... I refer you to a book called the "Dark Side of Christian History" which scientifically and historically proves how the bible was manipulated over time by man... The bibliography is a number of pages long. Man choose to leave parts out, include "new" parts, etc... There is historical and scientific proof.

>I see the hair as a tool that Satan uses to get
>your guard(logic) down, to break you down to a point where He can come
>into your life and take control, or destroy you.

I never said throw logic out the window when using a hair. The hair is simply used to place you in a greater state of awareness. If on a shamanic journey, you had better have logical mind to discern evil from good, love from fear.

>How can the world have peace with
>6 billion people going around thinking they are God? All wanting to do
>there own thing?

If they all follow their highest (most loving) thought all of the time as a true shaman would, they will all want the SAME thing.

> Johanna Michaelson studied eastern meditation techniques for years
>and practiced the spiritual aspects of yoga. One day she saw the light
>in her trance but as she approached it it became hideously evil.

This is not surprising. God's "light" is nothing but pure. I'm not sure what light she was seeing but it wasn't of God. You must also realize, that I could come up with a number of success stories, miracles, resulting in love of being, that I've read about regarding inner vision, meditation, visualization, and belief, many that hit much closer to home... much closer to my PERSONAL experience. Most importantly, I'm happy Johanna eventually found what worked for her spiritually.

Regarding new age type communications from god... Yes, you have to be careful of other "communications from god." Again, discernment is necessary, and again, you place the communication you receive against the test of love. God communicates to everyone, to both you and I... and has been doing so all of our lives. Experience is the most powerful form of communication. Words are easily misinterpreted as evidenced throughout history by man's interpretation of the bible. People have killed in the name of god. Christianity, throughout history, has killed in the name of God. This would be the greatest sin (that is, if I believed in sin)! The Roman Catholic church has CHANGED their "rules" over time. To me, this proves the inadequacy of words in the bible.

>you can't believe
>in one and push the other aside because it is unpleasant!

I would say that by dwelling on evil, the devil, you give it power. Accept that it is there, but don't dwell on it.

I BEG you to read a book called Conversations With God... Heck, if you send me six 90 minute tapes, I'll make a copy of the book on tape and pay to ship it back to you! This book has so powerfully affected my EXPERIENCE of living. I don't claim it to be the word of god, but EXPERIENCE has proven it's effectiveness in my life. If you ever do read it, don't believe a word of what he says, but TEST the ideas out and judge them by your experience. I give you a quote from it. It begins with a question from the author followed by a response from god:



How do I know that what You are saying is true? How do I know that this is even God speaking, and not my overactive imagination?


You've asked that before. My answer is the same. What difference does it make? If everything I've said is "wrong," can you think of a better way to live?




Then "wrong" is right, and "right" is wrong!

Yet I'll tell you this, to help you out of your dilemma: believe nothing I say. Simply live it. Experience it. Then live whatever other paradigm you want to construct. Afterward, look to your experience to find your truth.

One day, if you have a great deal of courage, you will experience a world where making love is considered better than making war. On that day you will rejoice.


If this is the devil speaking, then I'll choose the devil and burn in hell. If the "new age" is of the devil and new age thoughts/meditations/etc.. lead me to loving my fellow man, then I'll choose the devil and burn in hell.

Another quote from Tom Brown Jr: "If you believe every word I say, you are a fool. Prove me right or prove me wrong." I whole heartedly agree. It's a scientific way of looking at spirituality... to me, the ONLY way to approach new age ideas. I take Christianity the same way.

I would challenge fundamental Christians to take this view with the bible. I know that you would find MANY teachings can be proven through your own experience, but you will find a few that don't fit. For me, fear and belief in the Devil simply doesn't fit. I should say, coincidentally, that these parts of the bible were added to the original text by the CHURCH not by God. Very interesting... This makes sense to me. At some point, "Big Brother" (church) thought they knew what was best and did what they needed to do to keep their followers in line... add an "fear of god" to the bible. Of course, this decision was based on fear (loss of power), and look what it has bred... most modern religions are based on fear of god. Fear is the opposite of love. This is not a good thing!

>So take a good look at eternity from the heights of a bended knee and beg
>God for mercy, while you still have time..... for time is running out.

My friend... I'm sorry you choose live in such fear. It must add tremendous complexities to your life, for choosing to fear only creates more fear which breeds hatred and war. I cannot accept that god gave us choice, only to punish us for using it. Why would the all powerful creator even give us choice if he didn't want us to use it? Sorry to sound so harsh... but to me, this simply doesn't make logical sense.

>He [God] does not reside inside parts of His creation.

The bible would contradict you... God is everywhere. In the grand and the small. But I agree that God will never exist in ONE sole creature, man or beast. You can't put limits on god. He is the all there ever was, all there is, and all that there will be. But you and I are both of God. Everything is.

I would say that these are our core differences:
1. I believe the bible is not entirely the word of god, and you believe the bible is entirely the word of god.
2. I choose my experience to be my most powerful teacher and you choose the bible as your only teacher.
3. I believe that man has chosen to live in fear instead of love, and you believe that god has chosen to scare man into living a certain way.

I don't mean any of this harshly though it may come out that way. Just trying to explain my point of view on things.

One other item... Tom drew a diagram on the board our first day of philosophy class. It was nothing more than a triangle, the top representing the highest level of knowledge, a full understanding of spiritual truth. The bottom representing the level of seekers of spiritual truth. The further down you are in the triangle, the more discrepancies you find, hence the widening of the triangle. You and I sit at opposite ends somewhere within this triangle and therefore find many differences. As we climb towards spiritual truth, we will come to the common spiritual truth. Again, I ask for your respect in these arguments, even though we may fundamentally disagree, we both seek spiritual truth, the top of that triangle. Certainly, there is only grand truth at the top of that triangle.

Love and peace to you my friend.