The Sacred Silence Meditations

Cheat Sheet

By Andrew Koransky (andrew(at)

I’ve found that it helps me to have a piece of paper or cheat sheet when leading sacred silence meditations. I’ve typed this up in hopes that it helps others in leading the meditations listed in Tom Brown’s book Awakening Spirits. It is highly recommended you purchase this book and read it before attempting to lead these meditations. It is also recommended that your followers have read this book as well. Although not necessary, I’d also recommend that you have been led (successfully) before leading others… There are so many nuances you can’t really get from reading this or Tom’s book. However, if you follow your heart, you can’t go wrong!

I don’t claim to be an expert on leading these meditations, but they hold a very special place in my heart and I hope this cheat sheet will help leaders lead friends to experience the same joy I have. I’ve added some tips which I have found helpful. I’d love feedback on this, so feel free to e-mail me at any time.


The Original (with Pain Sequence)

You might want to read the section on pain in Awakening Sprits (page 150) after this meditation.

The Medicine Place Meditation

You can shorten any of these sections or leave them out as people become more comfortable with the sacred silence. Don’t leave the trigger out!

Keep the medicine place natural! Don’t tell partners about your medicine place… you can share it with them later on a spirit trip! I’d recommend reading pages 177-180 in Awakening Spirits to your meditators before performing this meditation.

Things to Try

Do the command breath, then the trigger sequence sitting up while someone else is taking the meditator’s pulse.

Partner up and have one person lead the other to their medicine place. Have the leader place their hand on the other’s arm or hand and go through the meditation above. Add some things like "Hand your partner an object" from the trail or during the journey. Tell the leader to "Point out something in the archway." The results from this exercise were astounding in my philosophy class! For example, I was able to describe my partner’s area in incredible detail. Remember, it is simply the leader's INTENT that makes this work.

Have them find a trailhead (physically), but don’t walk the trail. Memorize the path to the trailhead and the trailhead itself. Then go through the sacred silence (without flight or pain sequence). Then simply have them envision walk out of the room, pausing at their trailhead, then walking the trail. Use pure mind (blank out all thoughts and accept what comes).

Partner people up. Have a sender and a receiver from each group. After the breath to surrender, have the sender send the image of an object. Now ask the sender to change something in the object (IE it's state, texture, color) and transmit a feeling associated with the change. Have the receivers use pure mind (blank out all thoughts and accept what comes).

Tracker School Philosophy graduates: Be sure to do the rooted-self meditation on your friends!

From: "Joe Longshore" longshor(at)


Hey Folks,

I just thought I'd add a little more about the Grandfather class… Here are a few exercises that Aron didn’t get a chance to mention. THE QUEST WALK-if you have a question you need answered concerning your life or path or vision try this simple (but profound)exercise of Grandfathers.

  1. Pray with feeling to the Creator and ask Him/Her to reveal the answer to your problem through the entities of creation. This is VITAL to your success.
  2. After you have prayed deeply and reverently as Grandfather would pay no more attention to your problem and simply begin to wander the landscape.
  3. WANDER WITHOUT TIME OR DESTINATION-simply follow your heart, inner vision and interest in the wild. Do not create a destination or limit yourself in time.
  4. Remain thoughtless periodically and though you may wish to talk to God or pray as G-father did remain predominantly silent.
  5. Remain passively open to the messengers of the Creator.
  6. You might find yourself wandering out of the wilderness into civilization-this is fine since there might be a message for you there.
  7. Surrender, surrender, surrender.
  8. End the walk when you have recieved an answer or inner vision dictates.

I had an astounding experience with the quest walk at the Grandfather class. I highly recommend giving it a try.

By the way I wanted to reiterate an exercise Aron mentioned and hopefully answer any questions people have concerning it. The exercise involves be buried in the Earth. I'll give the particulars below but suffice it to say here that this exercise allows you to feel the vibrations in the Earth from vehicles, people or animals far away. Furthermore it relates profound information concerning tracking, stillness, and most importantly to me communion with the Earth. Do you wish to know the Earth? Become the Earth.

  1. Find an area of sandy soil (I've already tried heavier soils since being home and you must use less heavier soil or it is difficult to breath.)
  2. Dig a hole about one and a half to two feet deep. The hole should look like a snug coffin slightly longer than you are tall and slightly wider than your shoulders.
  3. Get into the hole and check it for fit and comfort. Ask the Creator to teach you through the vehicle of Earth Mother.
  4. Place a t-shirt or bandana (thinner material is better) over your face-eyes, nose mouth especially.
  5. Get in the hole and have a partner cover your entire body (except nose and mouth) with 6-8 INCHES of soil. That includes your forehead and eyes. (although you can bury yourself the same way you would camo into an area it is less effective)
  6. Relax into the Earth, surrender.
  7. Have your partner walk around you, stomping at first, then walking, then foxwalking, experiment and be creative.
  8. Have your partner walk over your legs and feel the pressure releases being made in your body.
  9. You'll know that you are deep enough and relaxed enough when you can feel your heart beat in all parts of your body.
  10. When done have your partner dig you out.
  11. Thank the Earth and Creator for the teaching. Folks please try these exercises. So few of us teach this information and as a result Grandfather's vision slowly dies.

Be passionate about these learning tools. They are PROFOUNDLY moving. Try them yourself. Modify them to your liking.

Then pass them down in their original form.

Best of luck.

All good medicine,

Joe Longshore