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Thomas Coard
Cedar House
CH-1726 Posat
026 411 27 61
E-Mail: tomcoard(at)

The Swiss Trackers Association is a multi-lingual group of Tom Brown students and friends that is dedicated to Grandfather’s vision. We meet on the 1st Sunday of every month in our Tipi in Posat in the Canton of Fribourg. Our meetings are in 2 parts. The morning is for those who have taken one or more of  Tom Brown’s philosophy   classes and is dedicated to spiritual skills; meditation, prayer, healing, spirit travel and ceremony. The afternoon session normally consists of awareness and other skills and is open to anyone of any age and background. We welcome all Trackers and future Trackers. Come with an open heart and join our Tracker Family. All are free to express their vision.


(Ed Note: While not truly a clubs, I have decided to list these as resources for connecting with other local trackers.)

Don't forget: Be sure to research a school/club before making a decision to join in on their activities!

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