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Visiting Friends in Loxley, Alabama
Tuesday, September 15th to Thursday, September 17th, 1998

On September 15th, I headed south to Loxley Alabama to visit with my friend Mike (aka Racoon).  There is not much to write here as most time was spent catching up with good friends.  During the time I spent down there, I learned a bit about southern plants from Mike, I taught Mike Coordinated Remote Viewing (we had a couple of good hits!), meeting up with David (aka Sasquatch, yet another good friend) for a late dinner, and we met up with Richard (aka Spirit Talker) for some time in the woods and a nice pipe ceremony... I had a great time getting to know Mike and Melissa (Mike's girlfriend) and her family.  Thanks a ton for letting me stay there Mike and it was great to see all of you...

On the way back, Thursday, September 17th, I stopped in the Tuskeegee National Forest to try sleeping in my car for the first time.  It was somewhat of a failure.  I noticed significant heat build up in the car as it didn't really get down below 78 degrees or so that night.  Assuming I plan to be in the right areas at the right time of year, this shouldn't be much of a problem.  Actually, the heat wasn't really my biggest problem.  To be honest, it was a little scarry camping alone in unfamiliar territory.  This fact didn't make getting to sleep very easy.  I can tell, sleeping in my vehicle in strange territory is going to take some getting used to.   Mike gave me some ideas for a security system which should add to my peace of mind.   I'll document these ideas at a later date after completion of the security system.

Mike-sm.jpg (35846 bytes)
Mike, The Racoon

Richard-sm.jpg (27334 bytes)
Richard, the SpiritTalker

MikeRichard-sm.jpg (24869 bytes)
Mike and Richard

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