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Saturday Aug 10th
Our big day has finally arrived.
Here are some of the photos before the ceremony. 
(click on the images for a larger view)

Breakfast at the Inn. Lunch in Dahlonega.  
Andrew says: "When will this be over?"
Todd signing in on the photo board.
Getting ready.  Should I shave my legs for this? Some final adjustments; where's the duct tape? And the finishing touch, a beautiful necklace of pearls.
Friends and family are decorating the Chuppah.  This is a Jewish tradition representing "Home".  
Our Chuppah has an antique Prayer shawl from the Koransky family.
05-with Dianne.jpg (99042 bytes)
With my best friend and Matron of Honor, Anita. With my sister and Bridesmaid, Dianne. With my good friend, Brenda Browning.
With both Grandmothers. Momo (Gertrude Hooker) and Rose Arbeiter. Perhaps the only halo Jack will ever see!