2007-03-18 Life at the farmhouse, Salida 02

Well, we spent last weekend with Jack and Ellen at Villa Koransky in Edwards, usually about a three hour drive from here. Our drive over on Thursday was hell. We hit snow over the pass near Breckenridge which slowed us down and then, on I-70 at Frisco, we stuck in traffic for two hours behind a jack-knifed big rig. The trip from Frisco to Vail should have taken us about 20-30 minutes, instead it was two hours. So our three hour drive became closer to 7 1/2 hours! Ugh!
Our stay in Edwards was fun, but it reminds us of how much we like it over here. Everything is too expensive! (And the peaople are SO plastic and pretentious) We ate out a bit, Andrew went skiing with his parents on Sunday while I went snowshoeing, we spent a few minutes in the hot tub. Our drive back Monday was less eventful, thank goodness!
We moved into the farmhouse a week earlier. At first, we had problems with all sorts of creepy noises and knocking at 3am. We joked about the ghosts in the farmhouse and the water heater sounds like the Indian war drums my grandmother used to talk about hearing when she was a little girl. I announced to the ghosts the next morning, "Mr Ghost, I know you feel a need to be knocking on walls and such, but could you please do it at a more reasonable hour, say 6 or 7 in the morning. We'd really appreciate it." We haven't heard any knocking since. In reality, I think since we are in the house moving around, all the settling has occurred and that's what all the noises were. That's what I like to think, anyway.
Trey (the friend two offices down that we are house-sitting for) didn't really live here full time. He has another house in Salida in a subdivision, near the golf course (I didn't know Salida had a golf course). But he wanted some chickens and goats, so when his parents bought this farmhouse as an investment, he used the barn and corrals for his critters. He's stayed there a few nights, and it's partially furnished, but mostly with furniture th

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