by Al Hollis the "Yodeling Poet" we met in Organ Pipe Cactus NM

In yon canyon country on a cliff of considerable height,
I thought "Now here's a chance to give my wife a fright."

"I'll just step off this cliff here to that narrow ledge down beneath,
She'll sure think I've fallen and she'll be filled with grief."

Well, I let out a loud holler, just to be sure she'd see,
then I stepped off the edge, sure enough looked like the end of me.

Well, the rocks on the ledge below were looser than I thought,
and I really started fallin', right as I hit the spot.

And I tumbled down that darn ol' cliff, through the rocks and dust and dirt.
Before I reached the bottom, 'twernt an inch of me didn't hurt.

So the next time I get the urge to give my wife a fright,
I think I'll just do it by slippin' up behind her and saying "Boo" in the night.