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The Adventures of Cathy - Chapter 12 - End of the Begging/Beginning

Hello to all.

As Andrew and I tooled through Minnesota I grabbed my copy of Roadside America and saw that Minneapolis, besides being Mary Tyler (Who can turn the world on with her smile...) Moores home also houses the "museum of questionable medical devices". Who could not stop and see that? Andrew and I walked into the place while the owner was demonstrating the "breast enlargement machine" Apparently you can attach a large plastic cap over your breast turn a few dials and nobs, whala you now have to go spend $'s on new bras. Makes me wish I saved all my boob jokes for this chapter. I, of course, tried it on. )

Andrew and I both had our personalities read by this thing called a Phrenology Machine. It looked like a salon hair dryer. The cap was made of metal things that fit on your head and could tell you your personality by the way your head was shaped. I scored high on sympathy and mathematical skills so we know it is a joke.

They had some bloodletting exhibits. Jars of Radon that were being sold to cure cancer...oooops. The prostrate warmer was a keen addition to medicine too. If you are ever in Minneapolis please stop by and see this place. He has a website too http//www.mtn.org/quack This guy has been on all the talk shows with his stuffs, Letterman, Barbara Walters, etc.

We headed north to Voyagers National Park and then it all fell apart.. We have had good weather for the most part the whole trip. It was time to be cursed with thick rain and mosquitoes the size of hawks that suck a pint of blood and leave scars the size of New Jersey on you. Nothing like rain to make one cranky and disagreeable.

After a few days of rain and general ickiness we hiked to the high point in Minnesota, Eagle Mt. It was a 600ft accent over 3 miles. In other words almost a joke considering the distances and heights we had climbed in the past few months. The veiw was nice and predictble.

The next day cleared up and we rented a canoe. It was off into the boundary waters we went for the day. This lake has several little islands in it and Mr. Koransky got us lost again. I had played navigator to our lunch spot after that he took the map and proceeded to have us paddle in circle for the next two hours. The boundary water are once again, amazing. It would have been great to do a 3 or 4 night paddle trip in and out of the islands, but we have turned into rain sissys. It didn't really matter we had fun anyway and I have something else to make fun of him about. This is definately a spot to return to. Minnesota boasts that is has 10,000 lakes, but I only counted 8,761. Lying braggarts.

One of the trips we had planned in advance was to go to Isle Royale N.P. This is a national park in the middle of Lake Superior. The island had once been used and abused by mankind. Logging, Mining, Furs, Fishing, etc. When is surrendered all of its wealth to us the powers that be made it a National Park. 750 moose and 25 wolves live on the Island and the maritime forest has bounced back nicely. We had planned 5 days on the island, but cut it in half. The 3 hour ferry ride was horrid. We started chatting with a man who offered us some dramimine before the boat took off. My mommy told me to not take drugs from stranger. I did anyway. I am so glad I did. Several of the passengers did give the fish in lake Superior some of their lunch. I managed to keep it in. The boat was 90 tons and it was being tossed about like Pee-Wee Herman in a Roller Derby. I did not know a lake could produce waves that would envelope the boat. In my weird child of the 80's self all I could think of for the enitre ride was the theme song to Gilligans Island. AS if I wasn't being punished enough.

It is really sad to not be able to appreciate what has been set before you via nature or your neighbor. I feel guilty about not being able to take it all in anymore. Sensory overload I guess.

Just before heading over Andrew and I decided it was time to go home. The appreciation of wilderness was wearing thin. Life on the road was getting old. I am out of money. We seemed to be spending more time and energy on things in Atlanta than on our experiences at hand. I meet the decision with ambivalence. I really wanted to see New England. I have never been to that part of the country, but I had never been to much of what I had seen in the past few months anyway. I will save money and make another sojourn in the future. I am really relieved and glad to be heading home. When Andrew dangled that carrot in front of me I went at it like a starved rabbit in a Monty Python movie. Except I don't like carrots, so more like me after a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

I can not wait to see the Boyd Children. Kids grow so fast and learn so much at their ages 4&6 I am sure I will be greeted by two new children. I miss my friends a lot. I am sure they will tire of me since I will be living with them until I get a job and my own place, but just the sillyness we seem to invent together will be nice to have back.

We should hit Atlanta on the 15th. Andrew has college friends in Madison and relatives in Chicago that we have set up to see. After that it will be a mad dash to Hotlanta, home of the Braves - GO Chipper.

With that I leave this chapter with a final plea. Anyone in Atlanta have a job or a place to rent to me and my cat? Any leads will be appreciated.

See some of you soon,


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