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The Adventures of Cathy - Chapter 8 - Ain't no time to hate

Mt. St. Helens was a sight to behold. Nineteen years after the eruption the devastation is still present. Dead trees were all over, grey, stunned and sad looking. I was 10 when she blew her top. We could see 3 vents on what is now the top letting their steam up. I won't be surprised if she blows it again in my lifetime. 5 miles out from the blast sight dead grey trees laid across the mountains.

Seattle was a bunch of fun. It is similar to Atlanta only more rainy and colder. It has the quirky neighborhoods and a diverse selection of people. I stayed with two friends of mine from Kansas State days - Kim and Linda - while Andrew and his mom, who was up to visit, went off on their own. The first two days were spent in a nice bed with lots of pillows. It felt so nice I never wanted to get up. They also had a Nintnedo game. I learned to play several games very poorly. I also found the book, "She's Come Undone", by Wally Lamb resting in their shelves. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. It was depressing as hell. Not one good thing happened to any character in the book. I am not sure Oprah reads these things before slapping her "book club" label on them. Maybe she only considers a book good if it contains a good deal of abuse, neglect and loss in it. I was hooked and finished it by staying up until 5am one night. Even to me, who loves to suck the marrow out of the bone of joy found it too horrid to recommend to anybody.

We went to Lake Union which has the Seattle skyline on one side. I rented a Sea Kayak - Kim and Linda have their own. It was cool. I had never done kayaking of any type. I didn't tip over or anything. We paddled up to an old Ferry called the Kalakla that was built to look space age back in the 50's. It was like an Airsteam motor home turned ship size. That shiny rounded metal look that makes one think that R.V. life is the way to go. I plan on doing a lot more boat type activities in the future. Hiking doesn't give ones arms much of a work out. It is good to have friends in different places. They were greats hosts and it is a shame to not be able to live closer to them. I had a good time catching up and seeing the city and life they have chosen.

We went out to a bar one night and met up with another K-state/ex-Atlantan friend of mine, Jen V. We had quite a good time and I overtook the conversation with tales of silly little conflicts I have found myself in the past few years. We laughed a lot and I was the center of attention so all was well with the world.

Andrew and his mom made it back to Seattle and took me out to dinner. I must say I like Andrews mom a lot. She is a photographer and has promised to teach me how to hand color photos when I get back. I can't wait to call and ask if I can come over to color.

Olympic National Park was pretty much closed. They had a record amount of snow this winter and it had washed out bridges and destroyed trails in the mountain areas. So much for the 3 day back pack. We did do a few short hikes in the rain forest areas. They have about 5 different conifers covered in moss and ferns were all over the forest floor. I felt like a fairy in Ferngully, except I didn't have any wings and I'm not small, and I don't have a magic wand, and I can't fly, and I'm not a Disney character.

The coastal area of the park offered us a 9 mile loop hike that went to the coast and back. It was rocky, not sandy like I had expected. We saw seals on rocks about 10 of them just lounging about. They were too far out for me to take pictures of. Lots of crabs in the tidal pools and various other small sea life creatures. The ocean did see fit to give me 3 sand dollars and some nifty driftwood.

I'm off to Canada.


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