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Check this out.  Aaron is doing nearly the exact same thing I am doing, but his purpose is much more selfLESS.  Here is the description from the website:

The Rig Foundation is a public benefit corporation that has been formed for the purpose of educating and informing people about important issues regarding the current state of public-use wilderness areas in the United States and Canada and the need for further designation of open space for habitat preservation and public recreation. Furthermore, The Rig Foundation, through public donations, seeks to raise money to both finance its educational activities and to donate to environmental groups that either support or financially enable the purchase of undeveloped land for preservation as open space and public recreational use.   A final objective of The Rig Foundation is to pioneer, cultivate and promote the art and science of using modern computer and communications technology to create the "ongoing digital adventure".

Now known as the Open Space Foundation.

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A fantastic website that chronicle's Max's journey via Sea Kayak from the Canadian West Coast to the Canadian East Coast via Nicaragua!  His journaling and writing is far superior to mine and gives me something to work towards.  GO MAX!   From his website:

On July 4th, 1997, I began a four year solo kayak journey from Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada, to my home in Saint John, on the east coast of Canada - via Nicaragua, in Central America.

My story is not one of heroic bravery or athletic accomplishment; it's about a kid who had a dream... made a plan... and is turning it into reality.

I maintain this web site not because I want the world to know about my life... I do it... because I want it known that great lives are possible!

JourneyAmerica.jpg (22281 bytes) Check out http://www.offenburger.com/journeyamerica/ which will chronicle Matt and Andrew's adventures. It sounds really cool! Here is what Andrew has to say about his website:

I am embarking on an adventure, "JourneyAmerica," which will document American life and culture at the turn of the century. I, Andrew Offenburger, am a freelance writer; I will travel with my friend and musician, Matt Norman, throughout America for eight months beginning on September 1. I will write for local and national papers, and Matt will perform at local venues.

My E-Mail address is: andrew(at)koransky.com

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