The exciting travel to the next update
Adventurers transfer multimedia logs up-to-date into Internet.

They are not even on journeys? They sit before the computer, at home or in the office? Then the opportunity is still offered to participate via Internet in a Weltumsegelung, a crossing of the American continent and other adventurous enterprises. Because the laptop is already for many adventurers a fixer constituent of the luggage. With the help of regularly updated homepage they want to hold the world over the continuation of the journey up to date. The so-called " Ongoing Travelogues ", which supplies tone documents apart from diary entries of pictures, cards and occasionally also, forms virtual journeys for at home-remained Internet user an opportunity to maintenance seeds.

As the logs in their opening, so differently are also the motives of their Macher differ. A round travel obligingly/pleasingly?

Private adventurers

" I have almost no cash for this Trip. If I get thereby that someone sees this page, the supply, with possibly someone on the soil to sleep or such a meal in vain wars, would be great that. " Writes Mike Barre, which used its journey by the USA particularly for friends and documented. For many private travelers a travel diary is simple in the Internet an alternative to the constant writing of postcards. If the adventure is past, the web page remains as memory and saves those boring evenings, in which photo albums in the friend set must be gone.

Keep in touch with your boss

Responding pages often come from travel-merry persons, who also have vocations in   in the computer industry . Andrew Koransky, who will, presumably, be traveling across the United States by car until the end of September, is otherwise an employee of a computer company. His Website pleases by beautiful Design and an exact, if seldom- updated, documentation with photos, maps and texts.

Also the technician Jim Boswell at present with the sailing boat in the South Seas on the way, operates its homepage not least therefore, in order to maintain contact with those persons, who can give it in the time after his journey again working premises. The web pages of the proud travel entrepreneurs hold ready besides detailed technical information, plans and statements of cost, in order to facilitate for possible imitators their hero acts.

Large acts, large attention?

Internet travel diaries fight for knappe resources: the attention the user. An exciting history, which is updated again and again, lets hope for faithful readers and many, which are into large-scale enterprises, tries to search to win sponsors for the trip.

For example, the 32 year old British Robert Garside aka "The Runningman" is attempting to run around the world, and at the present time is in Argentina. The process of his journey is documented on his homepage, on which live action video is displayed. Furthermore, videos and merchandising material can be purchased on the website.

But the success of this strategy is still modest: "it seems that the best possibility of making such a project profitable are traditional media such as magazines and books", writes the world traveller Mindi Miller. Her web page "At Sea", which offers a book of sea charts next to the the on-line marketing of a video also still another as service, is operated by a daily paper and supported also publizistisch.

Adventurer with training job

For broader support those travel projects can already hope in the USA and Canada, which make common cause with the education system. With so-called " Virtual Field Trips " employ the adventurers locally searches over country and people and edit these information in such a way that they can be used as teaching material for the school teaching. Geography or biology hours is to become more alive with the linkage of hard facts with travel stories and responding pictures.

The price-crowned project " Tidal Passages " about connects the journey in an old shipship ship with an abundance of information - from underwater accommodations in picture and tone by the accurate description of the started ports up to the Biographie of the ship cook.

" we have more from our journey, if we divide, mean information with others " Julie of fine. They and its companion Sterling Youngman likewise placed its common drive against the south point America into the service of the education. Its page " destination Unknown " offers photos, tones, texts and maps in form to a data base. The work on it brakes the cruising speed of the two certainly strongly in. In addition transfer problems and bad connections come. The Cyber adventurers are often dependent on Internetcafés - and those are in remote angles of the earth - at present still - to find rather rarely.

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