2007-03-18 Life at the farmhouse, Salida 01

We moved into the farmhouse a few weeks ago. At first, we had problems with all sorts of creepy noises and knocking at 3am. We joked about the ghosts in the farmhouse and the water heater that sounds like the Indian war drums my grandmother used to talk about hearing when she was a little girl. I announced to the ghosts one morning, "Mr Ghost, I know you feel a need to be knocking on walls and such, but could you please do it at a more reasonable hour, say 6 or 7 in the morning. We'd really appreciate it." We haven't heard any knocking since. In reality, I think since we are in the house moving around, all the settling has occurred and that's what all the noises were. That's what I like to think, anyway. Did I mention there's a room in the farmhouse about 8 ft by 10 ft that has no way in? No doors or windows, not sure what is in there. Creepy, huh?

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