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I recently attended the Philosophy II and III class at the Tom Brown Tracker School.  I'd like to get into some details about what happened in the class.  However, I want to make a short description of what it is that these "Philosophy" classes are all about.  Tom Brown has about 4 different "branches" in his school (Tracking, Survival, Awareness/Philosophy, Scout).  Awareness/Philosophy is really a misnomer and it is difficult to find a term that describes what we did.  "Spirituality" would be a better term, albeit still inaccurate.  What some people are able to do during and after the classes is VERY hard for some people to believe.   The things Tom's students are able to do defies logic.  These skills begin with simple meditation and progress towards ESP, body control, healing, spirit travel (bilocation), and telekinesis (moving or bending objects with thought energy).

DISCLAIMER:  Right now, you might be thinking this kind of stuff is crazy.   The stuff I write below did actually happen to me, but it is not my purpose to challenge your religious or societal upbringings.  I simply want to explain what has happened to me.  If you feel offended while reading this, I'd recommend skipping this page.  Tom Brown himself says "If you believe every word I say, you are a fool!"  I have to agree.  So if you do continue to read, I don't expect you to believe what I say.  Afterwards, you'll have a choice:   You can try it out for yourself and then decide whether it works, or simply ignore it.  Either way, you won't offend me and I hope I don't offend you either...

I came into my Philosophy I class (taken 2 years ago) a non believer.  I think most of the students shared that sentiment, if only on an unconscious level.  However, I'd say without a doubt that EVERYONE in that class experienced a couple of "hits" throughout the week.  A "hit" is when you have a tangible result from an exercise. One of my greatest hits from my Philosophy I class (2 years ago) involved a visualization exercise.  The meditation was simple. It went through the following steps:

  • Deep, slow, yet forceful breaths to relax the body and mind.
  • Combining these breaths with muscle tensing and relaxing.
  • Envisioning a powerful, healing, soothing white light filling your body.
  • Sensing your body position, how it lies on the ground.
  • Sensing gravity, feeling your body being pulled into the ground.
  • And finally, the "trigger"… deep slow gentle breaths.

After these steps, Tom guided a journey. I was the "follower" and my partner was the "leader." My partner was to take me to his "imaginary world" that he had made up. The journey starts on an imaginary path that leads to a set of stairs with an archway at the bottom. Through the archway, is this "imaginary world" mentioned earlier. We were silent during the meditations as Tom Brown led us through them. He was no more than a guide. For example, Tom said "Imagine your self on the path and pause for a moment. Now begin to walk the path. Off in the distance you see the stairs. You are now approaching these stairs." Notice that Tom said nothing about the type of path, the type of terrain surrounding the path, the type of stairs. It was WIDE OPEN for interpretation.

Afterwards, I asked my partner questions about what I "thought" we had experienced. I was extremely meticulous in the questions I asked so there could be no mistake in interpreting the answers I was receiving. For example, I would ask "What was the forest like?" He would answer. Then I might suggest, "Was the archway made of stone?" Our common experience was DEAD ON accurate. For example, I envisioned the path as being in a dark loamy forest (correct), the stairs to be made of stone (correct), and the archway to be made of either entwining wood (incorrect, the ONLY mistake I made) or stone (correct). Tom then told the leader to point out something in the archway. I recognized a notch in stone (correct). Tom then told us to walk through the archway. I envisioned the journey beginning along a golden field on the right with mountains beyond (correct) and another dark loamy forest on the left. Tom then told the leader to hand the partner an object. Although I couldn’t clearly envision what my partner had handed to me, I felt that it was moving (correct, it turned out to be a mouse!) We then took a left and walked back towards the arch through the loamy forest (correct). On the way out, without any mention from Tom, I distinctly remember bending down to pet what I envisioned as a squirrel (correct, but it was a mouse).

It is funny how the error on the archway occurred. Because I knew my partner fairly well, I had a feeling that he would have a stone archway. Well, my logical mind decided that this was obvious, and therefore couldn’t be correct. The other mouse/squirrel error was a result of my logical mind intercepting a "communication" too early. I saw the mouse for an instant, but I immediately interpreted it as a squirrel. It’s funny how the logical mind works.

I’m a very logical thinker and I tried to bring statistics into this phenomenon. I mean, I must have guessed these things out of thin air, right? Here is an example of some of the logic I went through to try to describe this phenomenon.

The thing I constantly had to remind myself is that any of these "hits" could be taken from the entire realm of personal experience, which is infinite. But everyone in the class had a DIFFERENT experience. We were NOT all led down the same path. The class was partnered up. One partner envisioned "leading" the other while the other simply attempted to clear his mind. The leader envisioned his own creation... NO LIMITS on what could be in the creation except that it had to remain somewhat natural. It could be a desert, a beach, a forest, a dark loamy forest, a pine forest, an scrub oak forest, a field, a field with a single tree in it, a lake, a pond... WHATEVER! He led the meditation for 100 people and 90 of them reported successes.   This kept on happening in various exercises throughout the week!  We ran at about a 90% success rate.  I figure the chances of me (and all the others) guessing the experience would be about as great as the chances that a bunch of monkeys randomly banging on typewriters could type out the complete works of Shakespeare within a year. It was real, it happened to me.

Needless to say, after these personal experiences, my belief system was shaken. Try to imagine these things happening to you!  Amazingly enough, there is a whole theory behind this "spirituality", and you can even bring science and psychology into it including EEG machines and brain wave states.  On the other hand, science doesn't have a complete understanding of why this stuff works.  Even the government has experimented with spirituality for spying.  (They called it Remote Viewing.  If you want to experiment with it, there is a wonderful web site that describes how you can learn Coordinated Remote Viewing.)   I should note that the material Tom teaches can be found in other forms elsewhere (Remote Viewing being one), but his school is the only one I've found that combines nature with the spirit in such a direct manner.

The particular classes I took over the past few weeks were Philosophy II and Philosophy III.  Philosophy II mainly built upon Philosophy I.  We added things to our path and stairs along the way to our "imaginary place" (see above) that allowed us to work with things such as body control, self healing, force healing, communication (ESP), etc...  My greatest success in this class is when my friend took me to her home in spirit.  I described the exact layout of her home perfectly!  I kind of fell asleep or wandered off when we got to the bedroom, but I nailed everything else from the kitchen to the living room to the storage room, etc...  Like most Tom Brown classes, Philosophy II taught us how to perform these spiritual skills, but we have to practice a whole lot to actually become proficient at them.  Therefore, I am not ready to go sit out on a glacier in Antarctica to prove that I've got body control down!  But with some practice, who knows?

At Philosophy III, I felt I was still a bit "burnt" from Philosophy II.  I didn't feel that I got the degree of success or personal growth out of this class as I did from Philosophy II.  This class mainly dealt with healing and experiencing some of the sacred areas in the Pine Barrens.   We did many healings in this class and also performed fire bending.  I was privileged to be part of an awesome group.  We had some great times "healing" each other and spending time in the Pines.

More Information

  • The Infinite Mind - An NPR radio program on psychology.  Although this show doesn't wander too far into metaphysics or paranormal stuff, they do discuss the benefits of meditation among other things.  You can listen to their shows via Real Audio.
  • Coordinated Remote Viewing - The long awaited manual for learning Remote Viewing yourself.
  • Awakening Spirits - A book by Tom Brown Jr. describing a methodology of achieving various states of spirituality.  These skills were taught to him via his mentor, Stalking Wolf (a full blooded Lippan Apache).
  • Circuit Cellar - This company has plans that show you how to build your own biofeedback EEG machine for monitoring your brain waves.  Lots of assembly and electrical know-how required (I haven't built this yet!)
  • Conversations With God - A fantastic series of three books that tackle life's questions.  Although this page describes a paranomal phenomena, it doesn't really touch on "spirituality," which implies personal growth Book 1 is a fantastic read and hits spirituality and personal growth head on.  Book 3 does the same, but also tackes some interesting questions regarding the paranormal and touches on (and explains) the psychic phenomenon.

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