Rehearsal Dinner

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Friday Night Aug 9th
 Rehearsal Dinner at Rick's Restaurant in Dahlonega.

On our way from the Blueberry Inn to Rick's Restaurant, Andrew and I saw a bear. 
A black bear crossed the road right in front of us on the day before our wedding.  
What a great omen that must be!!!

Here we are, wining and dining at Rick's. 
(click on the images for a larger view)

Phil Castle with the Bride & Groom at this table; Howard & Susan Reese at the next table; 
and Jack and Ellen Koransky way in the back.

Rob Reese, Ellen Koransky and Rose Arbeiter (Andrew's grandmother)

Rose Arbeiter, Zoe & Carter Reese, Erika Schnitzer and Rob Reese in the back.

The Bride & Groom with Anita & Phil Castle The Brothers K play after dinner back at the Inn.