Wedding Ceremony

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Saturday Aug 10th
We had a very small ceremony with family and
close friends in the North Georgia Mountains.  We regret that everyone couldn't attend, but we wanted something small and intimate.  Here are some of the photos. 
(click on the images for a larger view)

The wedding party line up.

Todd Koransky escorts both grandmothers, 
Rose Arbeiter and Momo (Gertrude Hooker).

Andrew escorts both mothers, 
Ellen Koransky and Dolores Piercy.

Gautam Bhan escorts the Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid, 
Anita Castle and Dianne Piercy

Gautam with two lovely ladies!

And Jack Koransky escorts the Bride.

We had a very small ceremony overlooking the North Georgia mountains.

Rev. Donna Jernigan officiates. 

The girls look on.

MOZEL TOV!!!  Breaking the glass in Jewish tradition. 

The first kiss as husband and wife.

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Koransky

Inside, the Unity candle ceremony with Rev. Donna.  

21-Ketubah.jpg (85501 bytes)

22-Ketubah.jpg (53587 bytes)

Jack and Ellen present us with a beautiful Ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract.

17-the cake.jpg (94187 bytes)

Now look at that CAKE!!  Yes, that's US on top of the mountain!

24-table1.jpg (81828 bytes)

25-table2.jpg (85770 bytes)

Now it's time to eat, drink and be merry!