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If you have Microsoft Expedia Streets & Trips 2000, you may download TheTrip1.est (Atlanta to Oregon), TheTrip2.est (Oregon to Atlanta) and Pushpins.stp.  This file gets updated as I go and can be used to find free camping areas in the areas where I've travelled.


Link Date Travel Activities
AndrewTsali-sm.jpg (17923 bytes) Sept 9-12 Tsali near Nantahala Villiage, NC Mountain Biking
MikeRichard-sm.jpg (24869 bytes) Sept 15-17 Loxley, AL Catching up with friends.
RendezvousSunrise-sm.jpg (8169 bytes) Sept 23 - Oct 11 Atlanta and surrounding areas Cioci Wedding, Farewell Campout, Highlands NC, Tamasee Knob SC, Rivercane Rendezvous, Anderson wedding
PondView-sm.jpg (9877 bytes) Oct 21 - 26 leave Atlanta, arrive San Antonio TX Visit with Cliff and hike the Texas Hill Country
RockArtSculpture-sm.jpg (7547 bytes) Oct 26 - 27 leave San Antonio TX, arrive Seminole Canyon Bike and travel
AndrewSantaElena-sm.jpg (10612 bytes) Oct 27 - 30 Big Bend TX Hiking the desert
WindowSunset-sm.jpg (7027 bytes) Oct 31 - Nov 3 Big Bend TX Hiking, backpacking the Chisos Mountains
WhalesMouthFormation-sm.jpg (4208 bytes) Nov 4 - 10 Carlsbad Caverns NM, Guadelupe Mountains TX Caving, Hiking the Guadelupe Mountains
WhiteSandsLightBeam-sm.jpg (9457 bytes) Nov 11 - 19 Roswell NM, White Sands National Monument NM, Padre Island National Seashore TX Museum, Hiking/driving, visit with friend
MontSerrat_small.jpg (1546 bytes) Nov 22 - Jan 11 Spain, Tracker School, Baltimore, North Georgia, North Carolina Taking classes, visiting Spain, visiting friends.
Tour_small.jpg (2298 bytes) Jan 13 - March 13 Cumberland Island National Seashore GA Volunteering for the park service on Cumberland Island, side trip to the Okeefenokee Swamp
DaCrew_small.jpg (439098 bytes) March 14 - May 12 Atlanta and surrounding areas Working on software project, Joyce Kilmer Wilderness Hike, Chatooga River Section IV Whitewater
PedestalRock_small.jpg (2707 bytes) May 12-22 Nashville TN, St. Louis MO, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas Visit with Jim in Nashville, Visit with Robin in St. Louis, Hike/travel
BlackCanyon1_small.jpg (2347 bytes) May 23 - June 9 Colorado Meet up with Aaron (www.therig.com). Bike/camp with Aaron in Woodlawn Park/Colorado Springs.  Arapahoe Basin Skiing.   Hike/bike near Dillon/Siverthorne.  Visit with Terrie in Boulder. Drive Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park while foot heals.  Aspen, Black Canyon of the Gunnison
BalconyHouse_small.jpg (1968 bytes) June 10-20 New Mexico, Arizona Hit Pagosa Springs, CO.  In New Mexico: Taos, Los Alamos, Chaco Culture National Historic Park, Petrified Forest National Park, visit with Cott in Scottsdale, Pick up Cathy Cutler in Phoenix.  Cathy will be joining me for the remainder of the trip.   Hit Sedona AZ, Homolavi Ruins State Park AZ, Canyon de Chelly AZ, Mesa Verde CO.
ArchesDoubleO_small.jpg (2433 bytes) June 20 - July 12 Southern Utah, Northern Arizona Utah: Moab, Arches, Canyonlands, Natural Bridges, Glen Canyon, Capitol Reef, Lake Powel, Grand Staircase-Escalate, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Arizona: Grand Canyon (July 8-11, 3 night/4 day backpack)

YosemiteHalfDomeAndFalls_small.jpg (1836 bytes) July 12 - 28 Nevada (briefly), California, Oregon, Southern Washington Nevada: Las Vegas (few hours)

California: Joshua Tree, Los Angeles (visit with James), Yosemite (5 night backpack), Bay Area, Big Basin, Muir Woods, Napa, Mt. Shasta

Oregon: Crater Lake

Washington: Mount St. Helens

RainierAndUs_small.jpg (1785 bytes) July 28 - August 14 Northern Washington, Vancouver Island British Columbia Washington: Mount Rainier, North Cascades, Olympic. 

Vancouver Island BC: Pacific Rim National Park (West Coast Trail [WCT], 6 night backpack)

Oregon: The Oregon Trail

YellowstonePool_small.jpg (1732 bytes) August 15 - 30 Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota Idaho: Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness

Wyoming: Yellowstone, Grant Tetons

Montana: Pictograph Caves

Wyoming: Devils Tower

South Dakota: Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Badlands

August 31 - September 15 Minnesota, Wisconsin Minnesota: Twin Cities, Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, Boundary Waters, Isle Royale

Wisconsin: Dells, Leinenkugels Brewery

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