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The Adventures of Cathy - Cows and Canyons


Canyon de Chelly was interesting. The Navajo retain all rights to the land. We just drove around the rim and looked at the pretty stuff. On one stop a thin man with long braided dark hair approached us. He was missing a few front teeth, smelled of alcohol (it was 1000am), and his jeans were half unzipped. Apparently when their land was given back it didn't include a dental plan. He was nice and told us stories about the area and invited us to his house down in the canyon. We declined and he then asked for some cash. The whole place left me feeling a bit odd. Maybe since we were in someones sacred back yard.

Mesa Verde is a really neat park. We took a tour of some of the cliff dwellings. It is hard to believe they had so many people living in these. The tour we choose included a climb up a 35 ft wooden ladder and having to crawl threw a narrow passage about 3 ft tall and 2ft wide. Lucky for me my fat @#% didn't get stuck ;-)

Andrew has been playing a book on tape called, "Conversations with God", I highly recommend it. Like everything of this sort if you choose to read it take what you need and leave the rest. It does have some really good insights and perspectives on how we perceive God. Ed Asner and Ellen Byrston take turns playing God. How cool is that. I would have picked Pee Wee Herman and the annoying girl Audrey from Ellen.

One night while we were hunting for a campsite in the National Forest we were driving down a nasty dirt road and a little calf popped onto road. It was really cute. I said, "Hello Moo Cow" It stared, but I know it was saying, "hello green aura girl". Moo Cow hopped several times and disappeared back into the forest. It was comical.

I went on a little solo hike while Andrew was updating his web page. I saw over 20 different wildflowers. I came up on a sort of clearing that had scrub oak and all over were lavender iriss' along with yellow pea, a very pretty yellow flower (honest, I looked that name up in the wildflower book) The sky was the Telluride deep intense blue. I didn't take a picture, because it wouldn't do it justice and I wanted to remember it my way. This gets filed in the 'happy places' area of my brain.

Next on the agenda was Mt. Biking in and around Moab. I enjoyed it. Just an observation, everything about it can be summed up by the word 'ass'.

Uphill is a pain in the ass

Sand sucks ass

Downhill Kicks ass

Slickrock is ass rockin

When you fall you look like an ass

when you are done your ass hurts

I may be asinine about it.

This was only my 2nd time Mt Biking. We did a 7.4 mile loop. about 1/3 of the way into it (100 degree in full sun) I had had enough. Those pesky tears of frustration would have flowed if I had any water in my system. I did make it and I must say really enjoyed it overall. The scenery was horribly beautiful and I saw a baby bunny.

We will be spending a week in this area visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and hitting a few more Mt. Biking trails.

My quote of the trip is turning into, "everywhere I turn a ll the beauty just keep shaking me" - Indigo Girls.

I hope everyone is having a good summer. Take Care.


PS Rememer my new e-mail is cathy@koransky.com

PPS For Andrew's take on the trip visit his website at http://koransky.com/

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