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The Adventures of Cathy - The Big Day

Hi everybody,

My trip to Kansas was fairly uneventful. The one activity I had planned was to take a picnic to Echo Cliff's and go rappeling with my mom, nieces, sister, and whoeverelse wanted to come. (yes, Kansas does have a cliff) Of course it was raining, but we set out anyway. Remarkabley enough it hadn't rained out there so the cliff was good for the rappel. We started to unpack the gear and food and, well well what do we have here... My sister didn't bring the rope. DUH! We had a nice time just dorking around, but... DUH!

The flight back stank. This surley alcoholic sat behind me and caused trouble with the stewardesses and spilled his drink on me. He already wreaked of whiskey enough to make me gag and then was double fisting it on the flight. Hmmmm, God grant me the serenity to not smack stupid people.

When I get to Sedona I hope to have my Chakras rotated and my Aura realigned. I think you get a free car wash with that service. It will be the perfect way to begin the trip having a lube job for my mental health. All slicked up and ready to go. ;-)

My send offs have been rather nice. The Boyds (children and parents I sit for) had a nice dinner for me and the kids made me signs, gave me postage stamps and McDonalds gift certificates - the most sacred of all. Robert fell and smacked his head while I was there. A nice bruise was forming on his temple, something to remember me by. Virginia plays a mean game of Candyland. Somehow I kept getting sent to Molasses Marsh while she cozied up to Queen Frostine. I plan to practice on my color identification this summer and whoop her at Candyland when I return.

Tonight is dinner, packing, and mandatory running around like a headless chicken trying to find this that and the other thing. Jamming every pair of shoes I own into a bag. You never know I might just need the 'thigh master' I can make it fit, "and this chair, all I need it this chair..." 5 a.m. will find me soon.

Take Care,


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