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The Adventures of Cathy - Chapter 13 - It is Finished 

Dearest Readers,

Yes, it is the long awaited final chapter of my trip.

The last week was not spectacular or anything. It was spent being paraded around Andrew's friends and family for 5 days. Most of you know what a social butterfly I am and can conceive the hell I was in. Smile and nod, try to be polite, don't scratch my butt, don't belch at dinner. I was so out of my element it was getting painful.

A few highlights were taking a Duck Boat tour of the Wisconsin Dells. A Dell, as I found out is "A small, retired valley; a ravine." or "a young woman, A wench", not a dairy farm as I had thought. It all brings new light to the song, "The farmer and the Dell" Our tour guide was Mr. GNC Nutrition himself. As Beefcake 4000 told us about the sandstone formations and history of the place I found myself wishing I was back in Utah wading though a creek full of crap. My God he was a bore.

We also took a tour of the 8th oldest brewery in the USA. Linenkugles. It was pretty neat. The bottling procedure was the thing that fascinated me the most. I tried to get Andrew to play Laverne and Shirley with me, but he wouldn't put on a big L or sing or act like Lenny and Squiggy weren't gay. I broke into my own version of, "give us one more chance well take it give me one more rule I'll break it I'm gonna make my dreams come true..." Then I realized I'd rather ride back to Atlanta with Andrew then on a Greyhound so I had my free beer and shut up.

In Nashville we went to a cool little dive that played Bluegrass music. Lucky for us 3 songs after we paid the $5 cover the band took a 40 minute break. It was off to bed.

Now, I am home. As soon as I tossed my stuff in the house I took off for the Boyd's house. Robert and Virginia were the perfect children I had remembered. I gave Robert a GI Joe and Virginia a Ken doll. Robert was quite saddened that he didn't get the Ken doll and my evening was spent being amused at him sneaking off with the Ken doll. He also had on a Spiderman costume when I showed up. He asked me to put the 'lid' on for him, which meant the hood. I am so glad to be with them again and have spent considerable time at there house.

It took two weeks, but I have a job with MCIWorldcomm again. It is through the temp agency I worked for before, but the hiring potential is good if I behave and don't write personal e-mails during work...ooops. The first place they sent me to , also with MCIWorldcomm sent me home after 4 hours saying I was over qualified. Sure a Monkey could have been trained to do the job, but I needed money. It makes me afraid to do a good job now. I should have asked, "uuhhh. um what comes after 4?" 

My next thing is to find an apartment and move. Which is a hassle, but beats living out of boxes and not having my kitty with me. 

Thanks to all for taking this trip with me. I hope you enjoyed the accounts and tales of my wonders and blunders.

Most of all the most sincere and deepest gratitude I have is saved for my parents and their encouragement and support while I wander around trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Next comes the Boyd's without this surrogate family my life would be poorer than Leona Helmsly after an audit. Robert and Virginia constantly amaze, teach and challenge me. Their parents have become examples of how I hope my parents will raise my children if I have any.

Then of course the friends who house my stuff and me. Mary, Marcie, Denise, and Pam, who during every fall, every squat outdoors, every raindrop, bruise, and ray of sunshine stayed with me in spirit.

I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and I also hope each of you has the opportunity to have the time of your life like I did this summer.

Yeah, I guess I got a little too much cheese in Wisconsin.


PS I have about 400 e-mail addresses now. You can use cathy@koransky.com or cathycutler@yahoo.com.


Remember to check Andrew's website for his account of the trip and pictures. Also my chapters are out there if you every want to look back.

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