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The Adventures of Cathy - Chapter 10 - Rambling Girl

This week has been a whirlwind tour of the Central Northwest. Pretty much we have been in the car driving from campsite to campsite with little time to enjoy the sights. Idaho was very pretty, and the Sawtooth Mountains are appropriately named. We wanted to do an overnight backpack in the "River of No Return Wilderness", but time turned that into a day hike that I decided to read yet another Jonathan Kellerman novel instead of hiking. This one was much better. He has about 10 published and I have decided to go to book 1 and start so I can follow the whole life of his main character. I give a big "nuts to you" to the person who recommend them. Now I am hooked. Very much in the same helpless way I needed to watch Beverly Hills 90210. Craters of the Moon National Monument was neat. We were able to hike down into the lava caves. The temperature outside was 90, but just inside the caves there was freezing water. Volcanos are pretty cool and leave us so much to look at later on.

I thought you would like to be kept abreast of what the Grand Tetons are like. The gift shops all lack taste (lactate) The whole areola was filled with wildlife and flowers milking mother earth. I can't say it was brazzier, but I am being a boob. Someone should nipple this in the bud. I suppose it was a titillating experience. This Bra-od knows it. It gave me a lift and a seperate way of thinking.

Then it was off to Yellowstone. I think a total of 4 hours were spent there. I tried to locate Yogi Bear, but being smarter than the average bear he moved to an out of the way island in the Caribbean last year to get away from the tourists. Boo-boo's life ended tragically as the result of a rented winnebago driven by a Japanese family of 30 careening around the park roads with Nikon's and Minolta's flying about. Smokey the bear also died in the fire that burned 3/4th of the park in '88. So much for the wildlife. Maybe I should just stay home and watch cartoons instead of trouncing around the country. We walked around the geysers and picked out better names for them. Most having to do with various bodily functions. We saw Old Faithful go. Because of earthquakes and vandalism he now only erupts every 80 minutes. I am thinking this geeser of a geyser needs to hook up with Viagra Falls so he can please the public more constantly and consistently. That would be a National monument for the USA to brag about.

We took the interstate through Montana and only stopped at a weak excuse for a park called the "Pictograph Caves" It was a disappointment. Only 1 or 2 drawings remained on the walls and the interpretive trail brochure was poorly written. For $4.00 we got a 1/4 mile trail, porta potty, and picnic tables. I didn't feel I got 4 dollars worth of nature and educations.

We made it to Devils Tower the next day. Yet another cool product of a volcano. The indigenous folks are fairly protective of this bump in the earth. If you have the gear and know how you can rock climb the tower, but a curse may be put on you for desecrating a sacred place. We took two small hikes around the base. One was 2.8 miles, which we figured to be 4.5 kilometers. If this were our hike on Vancouver Island it would have taken us 5 hours to complete the loop. It gave another perspective on just how hard that trail was. We finished the loop in less than an hour and are off to the Blackhills, Badlands, and to see my parents in that area. Great fodder for another entertaining chapter in my travels.

This part of the trip was way too rushed and we had to cut out almost half of the stops we wanted to make. Maybe next summer I'll hook up with some other unknowing soul and attach myself to their vacation if they are heading this way. I wanted to do backcountry in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Spend way more time in Montana, but what can one do?

My birthday was a quite fun. I woke up to sunny skies and the granite outcrops in Idaho. I proclaimed myself queen and read a book while Andrew did all of the work;) We spent several hours in Idaho Falls using the Internet so Andrew could update his website and I could enroll in a class. Andrew bought me a book that the guy who told me I had a green aura suggested I read and I treated myself to two more Jonathan Kelleman novels. That night we ended up in Jackson Hole and I picked a nice restaurant where I was once again treated like the queen I am. It was a nice relaxing way to turn 30. It only gets better here on out.

Take Care,


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