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The Adventures of Cathy - Chapter 5 - Excuse me, I speak jive

Only a week into the trip I broke down and used some of my coveted McDonald's gift certificates, courtesy of the Boyd clan. The fries tasted so good. It was a treat to not have to cook and clean for a night. Also to sit at a table and eat in air conditioning. '"'Tis a gift to be simple."

I am not sure I can put into words how nice this is. It is almost like a layer has been peeled from me. Leaving me more exposed and able to enjoy and experience all that there is. I have been able to relax and let myself connect to so many things. Take in the poetry of the landscape. I could go on with the analogy, but I will spare you the corny sentiments I have for sediments.

Arches is wonderful in its geology. It is amazing to think about the process the earth went though and the time it took for these formations to appear. To bad we will most likely have destroyed these places to know what would have happened in another 65 million years. We did an 9 mile hike that took us by about 10 different Arches. There are 2000 in the park, most of them aren't accessible to the public. The trail lead us across fin formations that had 100 ft drops on either side. It was so scary.

My sister had a good idea on incorporating my healing hands into my life, "enjoyed your commentary on the aura healer/reading. He's right, you should be a healer - but not massage therapy. You really should look into becoming a Slap Therapist. Think of all the good you could do for the world, and what a better place for everyone it would be if idiots, stupid people, whiners and looooossseeerrrrss all had their idiotic, stupid, whiny, looser faces adequately slapped on a regular bases. And beyond that, think how much better YOU would feel." I think she is right. I wonder how much I should charge per slap. Verbal insults would be extra.

Also Shawna had a suggestion. "Oh yeah, maybe you should be a teacher with those green hands of yours since you don't want to be a physical therapist or massage therapist. Ohh, maybe you could be a proctologist! Green hands could really come in handy there! " Let me think, hmmmmm. NO! I don't think I coudl deal with assholes all day long.  I'm thinking horticulture. After all, I obviously have a green thumb;-)

One thing I have noticed is we have encountered more foreigners from every country here than Americans. Most of them desperately need a shower too. At one point we had to stop hiking and let the group of sour krauts get far enough ahead so we weren't gagged by their smell. Speaking of smell... we stopped at the Hostel in Moab for a $2.00 shower. I thought I had a killer tan going, turns out it was just dirt. It was a wonderful experience. The solar showers we have been using are good, but nothing like constant warm running water. I was in heaven. Once again, an example of the simple things in life that are taken for granted.

CanyonLands or as my mother and Andrew's repeated, "Candyland"? So scary. I was initially very irritated and disappointed with the fee structure. You pay $10.00 to get in the park and then everything except day hiking is an addition 5-25 bucks. Has the National Park Service learned nothing from Disney? We decide to drive around and do a bunch of smaller trails and the next day do a long on. We woke up at the god awful hour of 5am and began a 12 mile jaunt. Needless to say it is the desert in the summertime It was way cool. At one point the trail took us through passages that you had to walk sideways for almost a mile. Then you would come up on these incredible vistas of the park. I took lots of pictures. Left only footprints.

Another cool nature experience was one morning a hummingbird was humming outside my window. I saw it stick its little toungs on it to get some nectar. Stupid bird. It stayed around for a while. I said hello, it said hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

We had a good hike this morning in the southern section of Capitol Reef. It was tough. The first mile was all down hill, which meant the last mile was all uphill. After you cross a valley you enter into a narrow canyon that has big boulders, the size of cars all in it that you have to climb over. That was fun. To make it even more interesting you have to wade through 2 pools of water, just thigh deep. Right after that is a big honking boulder, the nearest foot hold was chest high. I never belonged to the flexible is us club, but I jammed my soaking wet boot in it and got up. All of this is leading you up into the canyon to see a double arch (could have just gotten a postcard I guess) On the way back I thought the hike was so cool I wanted to leave something for the canyon. I chose the skin on my arm and elbows. I gave it to the section above, coming down that pass was a bit harder and I faltered and slid. I think the canyon appreciated it. I give the hike an A+.

One last tidbit of my life on the road. One morning just outside of Natural Bridges National Monument we woke up to a lovely morning. The weather was perfect and I took my time getting ready and dorking around. When we finally were ready to leave I hopped into the passenger side and Andrew was staring at me. "What?" I said. Andrew politely asked if I was going to put pants on. Ooooops! My way is Hanes her way.

Andrew and I are getting along well and having a lot of fun.

As the trip goes on we are not able to check e-mail as often. Apparently it isn't just my parents who still live in the dark ages. I will reply as soon as I can. Next up is Escalante, Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon.

Take Care,


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