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The Adventures of Cathy - Forces and Sources

Hello from the southwest -

My flight was nice and uneventful. Andrew met me at the gate and we trotted off on 2ndary highways to Sedona. The first night was spent off a forest road in the Coconino National forest. It was a really nice and isolated spot. The sunset was one equal to an International Coffee moment. The morning sun comes a knocking with a hot vengeance. My love of sleeping in will dissolve quickly out here.

Sedona is a neat town. Part of it looks like it was built yesterday which is pretty disappointing. We picked a popular 3.5 one way mile hike into Boynton Canyon. This is supposed to be one of the 4 vortexes in this area. I didn't get that special vortex feeling, whatever it may be. The place is absolutely amazing and beautiful, but my spiritual ecstasy I was hoping for did not offer itself on that trail. We drove around to other vortex hot spots, nada. Just really pretty views, vistas, and vacationers.

We went to a new age place. Right here in Sedona called... "the hub of the new age" I guess from that point the new age gets older. When in Rome... I spent my precious cash for an aura reading. This man dressed in all white and named Yannanas or something like that greeted me. He had white hair, 2 big silver handmade necklaces on, and a Swedish accent. The room had four of the white plastic patio chairs in it and two tables. Several copper pyramid art things and a mirror. He told me I had beautiful colors of green in my Aura and the radiated out of my hands. He told me this color indicates that I am a healer and the concentration in my hands means I should use them to heal. He mentioned being a massage therapist...hmmmm no, don't like people that much. Then he said I could use the energy in my hands to just cradle an injured part of a body and it would help heal it. So, my friends, please send me your cash and I will place my sacred palms upon your ailing selves. BE HEALED. Its true. A Mongoloid severally retarded 3 headed midget who was deaf and blind came up to me and I reached out...said BE HEALED...he grew 4 feet, 2 heads fell off, and he could see and hear for the first time. My power is awesome.

Cynicism aside it was a neat experience and I am glad I did it. He taped the session and gave it to me so anyone who wants can have a good laugh when I return can hear it, providing I don't lose it(the tape not my power or mind). I have lately, as many of you know, been very aware that I should work with my hands. I also love to quote the line in a song by Shawn Colvin, "may we all find salvation in professions that heal." We will see what other insights are offered up to me in the coming months.

Last night we camped in the "Wet Beaver Wilderness Area". Insert your own lewd comment here ______________. Come on now you can do it.

Saturday was a tour of the Homolovi Indian Ruins. They are doing an Archeological dig there right now. We didn't see people, but the equipment was out and tons of pottery chards were laying around. Then it was onto the Petrified Forest and Painted Dessert. 2, 2 parks in one. "It was so scary, I said Oh lordy look at them trees, then I gave the lock nees monster 3 fidy." (South Park reference). Small World, we just passed 2 vans and a Uhaul from the Topeka Public School System. USD 501, as well as some cars with Georgia plates.

Today is "Canyon de Chelly" and then heading up to "Mesa Verde". On ward and upward.

Take care,


P.S. Check out Andrews sight for pictures and his updates. He also has a link for me and my silly rants and writings.

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