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The Adventures of Cathy - Preparation

Welcome all to the first installment of the "Adventures of Cathy".

After a brief jaunt to Kansas to see my family and friends, June 10-13th. I will be flying out of Atlanta at 700am on the 17th. Andrew will be waiting for me in Phoenix where I will begin my trip. The first stop is Sedona. I hope to see the medicine wheels and learn about them there Naive Americans. We will then be traveling to most of the National Parks in southern Utah. Backpack in the Grand Canyon and head to California.

I will basically be living out of an Isuzu Tropper. In it I am allowed 1 duffel bag, my backpack w/camping gear, and a box/bag of misc items (CD's, Books, Toy Tonka Trucks, legos, a pony, and a ferris wheel.). My biggest dilemma is shoes. I can't even go away for the weekend with out taking 5 different pairs.

We will be cooking all meals and only be able to shower occasionally. So those you you who are to be visited on this trip be prepared. I think the simplicity required will be of great value. Daily luxuries like showers, T.V., and a microwave will not be there. I understand that not so long ago people lived with out these things. Like one of my dads favorite jokes. "The bathroom caught on fire, but we were lucky, it never reached the house."

Andrew will be updating the trip on his website as we go merrily along. The address is http://koransky.com/.

I am very much looking forward to leaving my cube and glass encased building. I will miss my co-workers, but I will certainly not miss the daily drivel of entry level corporate life. (insert sarcastic tone) I will also miss putting on pantyhose and skirts. Darn me having to live in t-shirts and shorts. The torture.

There are some down sides to this trip I will miss Virginia and Robert (the two children I sit for) and I will miss my cat. I can't remember a time when I have not spent the 4th of July, Labor day, My Birthday, etc away from my friends. I don't doubt that I will be obnoxious and annoy Andrew on these occasions with tails of how they were spent prior to 1999. I anticipate homesickness and have instructed Andrew to give me lots of ice cream and cash at those moments.

Many thanks go to Mary, Marcie, Denise, Pam, The Boyds, and my parents for making it possible for me to be able to afford this luxury, storing my stuff, and giving me a roof and bed before and after my travels. Without their support and understanding I would still be fantasizing about the day I could afford to leave everything and travel. To be a complete dork, this is a dream come true. I have spent so many nights and days thinking of the next trip I wanted to take and how I could make it happen. I doubt it was chance that I met Andrew on Cumberland Island and oogled at the plans he had made. Conveniently having my position terminated, etc. I feel pretty lucky about all of this.

I intrepid, go forth. Stay tuned for updates, etc.

Until the day.

Take Care,


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